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Are you looking for the best cajon?
Cajon is also a cajon drum, box drum. There are several types of cajon; peruvian cajon, cuban cajon, flamenco cajon, snare cajon, bongo cajon, bata cajon.

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The functionality of the cajon drum is pretty simplistic, just like most non-tuned percussion. Still, the varied rhythmic and many techniques for playing and their portable size make them an awesome alternative to a largely standardized drum kit.


What is a cajon ?
Where did the cajon drum originate?

The cajon drum is native to Peru. It is a box-shaped percussion instrument played by striking with the hands or wooden sticks. The cajon also mean the Cuban cajón de rumba and the Mexican cajón de tapeo.

What is the best cajon drum to buy?
First of all, there are differences in the material of the box drum. You should look for a sturdy one that has an excellent weight-bearing capacity. Most cajon is made of birch wood, durable and natural in tone. Finally, choose a suitable height to enjoy your performance.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Pearl, EVANS, Remo, Toca, Amazon Basics, Pyle, and Sawtooth.

How to play the cajon drum?
The most common way to play a cajon drum is to sit on it and strike the cajon drum with your fingers pointing to the ground. Some percussionists choose to play while sitting in a chair behind the cajon drum.

Is cajon easy to learn?

The cajon drum is a portable musical instrument that is relatively easy to learn with a low barrier to entry. You can make a fist with one hand and hit the center of the cajon for the bass, then hold the other hand straight and hit the top of the cajon for a snare. Then, after you've learned the basic snare and bass, it's time to make simple rhythms.

Where to buy a cajon drum?
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How to tune the cajon drum box?
You'll need a screwdriver and an Allen key. Screwdriver pin screws in front of the cajon, and the Allen key is your snare adjustment. We'll talk about how to change the pitch of the cajon. When we loosen them, you're going to get a lower pitch.

The next thing to adjust is the snare. You've got this adjustment on the bottom. You're going to do the adding key. You need to do them both for the same amount. You're going to slacken this off, so a very lively, resonant snare is what you should hear now. You hear them rattling around a little more, especially in the bass. The bass is a little bit sofer now.

Tighten it. No snare at all. The bass snare in the corners is much sharper, much shorter. Be careful when tightening the snares, though, because if you stretch them too much, what will happen is they'll start buzzing and rattling around. When you loosen them off again, like the screws on the front, try not to overstretch them they were. Again, you can hear that slightly softer bass sound with a bit of snare in the background.

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What does cajon mean in Spanish?
What does cajon mean in English?

The word Cajon originates in Spanish, meaning box, crate, and drawer in Spanish. In English, it is defined as a Peruvian wooden box, a type of drum played by hitting with hands or tools.

How much weight can a cajon hold?
Cajon is structurally stable. The weight-bearing capacity of the box drum is equivalent to that of a regular chair, which can hold about 100 kilograms.