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Can’t wait to experience the world of a bodyboard? You’ve come to the right place!

Water sports are fun and great, and there are different types, such as boogie boarding, bodyboarding, and many more. Bodyboarding is the art of riding waves while in a prone position with three primary forms: prone, drop knee, and stand-up. All you need is a board, a good wetsuit, and a pair of swim fins, and you’re ready to enjoy your summer days!

LumBuy kids bodyboard is tailored to the rider’s specific needs and preferences, such as height, weight, and riding style. We get various brands for sale covered from OEING to Balight. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not add it to your list of water adventures?


What is a bodyboard?
A bodyboard is also known as a boogie board, jet bodyboard for beach, electric bodyboard, science bodyboard, and so on. Bodyboarding means riding waves while lying down on the board. Although bodyboarding is commonly known as riding waves in a prone position, other bodyboarding forms are also popular nowadays, namely stand-up and drop-knee.It is said that the Polynesian people were the first to ride a wave in a prone position.

  • Types
Polystyrene Bodyboards

EVA Foam Bodyboards

Polyethylene Foam Bodyboards

Combined Foam Bodyboards

How to buy the best bodyboard for yourself?
Here are some factors you should consider to buy the best bodyboard :

  • Shape




  • Cores


  • Tail
Beginner: Crescent/Bat tail

Advanced:Crescent/Bat tail

  • Slick
Beginner: HDPE


  • Deck
Beginner: XPE/IXPE

Advanced: PE

  • Size
Beginner: Choose a bodyboard as tall as your belly button when stood up on the ground.

When the bodyboard is held out in front of you, it should reach from your knees to your chin.

Advanced: See size chart

Usually, there are different sizes: 30 inches, 33 inches, 38 inches, 42 inches, 44 inches, 48 inches, etc.

  • Gear



2.Bodyboard bag


4.Swim fins

What are the best bodyboard brands?
  • The best brands
EMPIRE bodyboard

PRIDE boogie bodyboard

TURBO bodyboard

FOUND boogie bodyboard

NMD bodyboard

cartel bodyboard

Generic boogie bodyboard

TRIAD boogie bodyboard

BPS bodyboard

BODY GLOVE bodyboard

Wavestorm boogie bodyboard

ODYSEA bodyboard

BZ bodyboard

KYMERA bodyboard

MOREY bodyboard

tandem boogie bodyboard

California Board Company bodyboard

BLZ boogie bodyboard

THURSO SURF bodyboard

VS Bodyboards boogie bodyboard

WAVE REBEL bodyboard

WOOWAVE bodyboard

PAMASE bodyboard

CLISPEED boogie bodyboard

Custom X boogie bodyboard

666 boogie bodyboard

How to use a bodyboard properly?
  • PART 1: Getting Started
1.Put safety first.

2.Get a leash.

3.Get a wetsuit or a rash guard.

4.Get fins and fin socks.

5.Practice the correct position.

6.Walk into the water.

  • PART 2: Catching a Wave
1.Paddle out.

2.Find your wave.

3.Get close to the wave.

1. Travel down the face of the wave.

5.Ride the wave until you reach the shallow part of the ocean.

  • PART 3: Going the Extra Mile
1.Learn the wave terminology.

2.Learn the parts of the board.

3.Do the Forward Spin 360°.

4.Do the Cut-Back.

5.Do the "El Rollo."

6.Learn to duck dive.

7.Learn to stall.

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Why should I buy a bodyboard on LumBuy?
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How to choose bodyboard leash?
  • STEP 1: Leash type
Newbie bodyboarder: wrist leash

Advanced or pro-level boarder:

Ride Style

1. Prone rider: bicep leash

2. Drop-knee rider: ankle leashes

Bicep size

3. Measure your bicep

  • STEP 2: Leash cord size
Ankle leash: around 5 feet

Wrist leash: 5' or so

Bicep leash: 6' minimum

  • STEP 3: Leash plug position
Beginners: near the top of the board

Advanced riders:

Ankle leash riders: near the bottom of their board.

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What is the difference between boogie board and bodyboard?
They have the same function and size. There are almost no differences between Boogie Board and bodyboards. One difference is that you can find the Boogie Board in most retail stores, and it is cheaper than a bodyboard.

Bodyboard VS Boogie Board :

  • Group
Boogie board: children and beginners

Bodyboard: Beginners and professional surfers

  • Waves
Boogie board: smaller waves

Bodyboard: larger waves

What are the best bodyboard fins?
Factors you should consider to but the best bodyboard:

  • Material
1.Non-slip treads

2.Lightweight material (natural rubber)

  • Size
If your fins are too loose, they may slip off while you're bodyboarding. On the other hand, if they are too tight, you could end up with an injury.

  • Extra equipment
1.Fin socks

2.Heel pads