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Are you looking for the best boat leaning post?
The boat leaning post is also called the leaning post. The leaning post includes:
– The single portable type.
– The Atlantis type.
– The height-adjustable type.
– The universal type.

There is various boat leaning posts on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular boat leaning posts.

The boat leaning post is overhead support with a padded seat behind the helm. It combines comfort and stability, allowing you to transition from standing to sitting quickly, and is designed to be ideal for anglers.


A boat leaning post is an upright structure supporting sitting and leaning behind the rudder. It is supported by an elevated stand with an integrally upholstered seat behind the helm. They usually include a backrest for comfort and stability.

The industry-standard height of the leaning post is 32 inches, including the "cushion top", but there are also height-adjustable leaning posts on the market. If you are not satisfied with the height of 32 Videos, you can choose a height-adjustable one.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like DOLPHIN, Wise, Todd, Taco Marine, and Millennium Marine.

Used tool:

Tape measure, drive ratchet with socket, combination wrench, scissors.

First, you need to remove seats from pedestals.

Then measure the centerline distance between pedestals.

For the third step, you measure and adjust the pedestal tube spacing and firmly assemble it.

Finally, attach o-ring&velcro strips to ensure a snug fit. Slide the unit over existing pedestals, and finish your installation.

The bottom of the bost leaning post provides enough space to store a cooler or storage room. For easy access to the boat controls, the boat leaning post should be installed 12 inches from the console.

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