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Are you looking for the best beach tennis racket?
Beach tennis rackets are also known as beach tennis paddles. Beach tennis rackets are made from three main materials: wood, composite and graphite. Wood type features of cheap and heavy.

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Beach tennis started in Italy in the 1970s and began to spread around the world in the early 2000s. It has rules like regular tennis, with 2-4 players for each team. Although the main field of beach tennis is on the beach, it can be played in any season and field, like grass. It is competitive and recreational, and you can learn it in a really short time. Beach tennis is an all-ages sport.


A beach tennis racket is a paddle used for beach tennis. Originally, beach tennis rackets were made of wood, but today there are paddles made of lightweight composite materials, including aluminium and graphite.

What is the best weight for a beach tennis racket?

If you are new to beach tennis, we recommend using a light paddle. The benefit of a heavier racket is stability, but it requires more force on each stroke. And a light beach tennis racket will give players less burden and more flexible control over the racket.

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The way we hold the beach tennis racket matters in how we play and our goal to keep the paddle. In tennis, players change their grip depending on hitting forehands or backhands. There are three ways to keep the paddle.

The first way people grab a beach tennis racket is like holding a hammer and hammering a nail in.

The second is to shift their hand to the back of the beach tennis racket as if they were swatting a fly.

And the third is a grip in between as if they were shaking hands with the racket.

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Beach tennis is similar to ordinary tennis, but its application field is on the beach, and the racket is slightly different. Whereas regular tennis rackets consist of wire mesh and long handles, beach tennis rackets have short handles and are made of solid wood or composite material with some holes in them.

What ball is used for beach tennis?

Traditional tennis is very hard, and the speed of the ball is too fast. Beach tennis uses a particular ball with low pressure.

Players who are competitive change their beach tennis rackets approximately once a year. Beach tennis rackets for recreational amateurs should be replaced roughly every 2-3 years.

The price of a beach tennis racket mainly depends on the material from which the paddle is made. Graphite beach tennis rackets are the most expensive, between $100 and $200. Wooden beach tennis rackets cost between $30 and $50. For composite beach tennis rackets, you'll spend $50 to $120.