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Are you looking for the best ball joint removal tool?
The ball joint press is called a U joint puller. Ball joints have two types load-carrying and rollower. The position in the suspension is different. The two types of ball joints usually have wear and failure. The load-bearing ball joints wear more than the rollower type. So you need to change it. Ball joint press is the simplest way.

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Do you need a ball joint press to replace ball joints?
Ball joints are an important part of the front suspension of the car. It moves between the vehicle’s control arms and knuckles so you can drive smoothly and safely, controlling your vehicle’s wheels.
However, it wears out easily, so you need to regularly replace it. A ball joint press is the simplest way.


What is a ball joint press?
The ball joint is spherical bearings which connect the control arm to the steering knuckle used in the automotive manufacturing industry. It consists of bearing studs and joints and is installed in the tapered hole of the steering knuckle. The ball joint press is a simple and efficient tool to aid in ball joint replacement.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like OTC, Detroit Axle, DHA, ABN, and OEMTOOLS.

How to use a ball joint press?
The suspension system of the car consists of two parts: a shock absorber and a ball joint. Their job is to absorb bumps and keep the car going in a straight line. If they are worn out, the car will shake while driving and may lose control. It is very simple to use a ball joint press when changing ball joints. Begin by raising the front end of the vehicle using a car jack, removing the front wheel, brake caliper, wheel, as well as the end of the tie rod and lower strut bolts and upper control arm. Put the ball joint puller on the ball joint on the control arm. Make sure the long threaded shaft is now facing up.

Place the deep cup holding the ball joint on top of the ball joint. Use the ratchet and joint to tighten the threaded shaft. This pops the ball joint out of the control arm. The new ball joint can now be put in. Install the deep cup of the ball joint press on the new ball joint. Tighten the threaded shaft and install the new ball joint in place.

Where to buy a ball joint press?
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How does a ball joint press work?
You have a threaded rod that screws into the bottom. Then you have a bottom cap, and it has a little space for another rod to slide into. If so, it's firm there. Then you have the centerpiece, so as you're pushing the ball joint up or down depending on if it's upside down on your car, not some of them are pointed up and pointed down.

You're pushing on the bottom of the ball joint, and you're pushing it into the hollow space. So you want it on the bottom of the ball joint. You take off the tee clamp so that the ball joint can move to take that out.

Then on the bottom of the ball doing, you'll be pushing as you thread that in. It should be shoving the ball joint up into the hollow space so the piece locks into the top. If that locks into the top space there, then the lock difference so as you're pushing it. It's going in there now. You have to have this dead straight because if not, the more pressure you put here. It'll slide. You'll come off the top like that.

Can you hammer in a ball joint?
If you use a hammer on the ball joint to make it into place, it may cause damage of a ripple effect. Sometimes it works, but there can be mangled threads on the ball joint. Besides, it destroys the castle nut.

How much is a ball joint press tool?
There is a big gap between ball joint press price ranges, ranging from tens of dollars, a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Generally speaking, the more components, which is the ball joint cups, it has, the more expensive it is.