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Balance beam, also known as gymnastics beam for women, is a narrow wooden rail set in a horizontal position and used to practice balancing skills and demonstrate one’s gymnastic ability. Good balance beams are often adjustable, foldable, and portable for daily exercise or home practice.

Despite various types of balance beams available on the market, LumBuy promises that the products listed have undergone the strictest screening process and are tested to be high-quality and popular.

Apart from female gymnasts for Olympics, anyone expecting to improve and perform their feats of balancing can take a try in balance beams, especially for kids. Featuring simplicity, a balance beam is a great way to develop the imagination and creativity of kids.


What are balance beams
A balance beam, known as a gymnastics beam, is a rectangular wooden beam used for performing feats of balancing. Generally standing upright on a leg at both ends, balance beams are often small and thin, with leather-like materials covered and only four inches (10cm) in width.

How to choose the right balance beams for yourself?
When it comes to selecting the best balance beams, some important factors should be taken into account.

  • Types
There are several types of balance beams depending on customers’ needs. For young kids and beginners, a beam mat is one of the best choices. It’s helpful for children no more than six or someone with little experience in balance beams by challenging them to walk on the beam while keeping them safe enough.

For juniors who have some experience in gymnastics and want to do home practicing, eight feet balance beams are the ones with the perfect length. Offering the same feel to workout balance beams at a gym, they are much safer options than an elevated balance beam.

For higher-level gymnasts seeking competition-feel balance beams, 12 to 16 feet beams are the best choices for training and practicing advanced skills due to enough length.

There are also folding balance beams available on the market. With the foldable design, folding beams are easy to carry on and store and work effectively for kids afraid of balance beams, as they are floor beams sitting directly on the floor.

  • Materials
Most balance beams are made of different kinds of materials to satisfy customers’ particular purposes. For beginners, balance beams with an interior made of padded foam are better and safer when compared to those made of steel or wood. In contrast, for advanced people, the interior of balance beams is often made of quality steel to make them more durable.

  • Balance beams’ height
There are high beams and low beams offered on the market. For kids or people new to gymnastics, low beams are much safer choices. They also have a soft padded interior. However, low ones will be useless for practitioners at advanced levels because it’s too low to practice sophisticated skills.

  • Price
The cost of balance beams is another important factor you should take into consideration. Prices of balance beams always vary from model to model. Ensure the balance beam you prefer perfectly solves your needs.

What are the best brands of balance beams?
Ikea, Springee, Aai, Lily and River, Tumbl Trak, Maxkare, We Sell Mats, Antsy Pants, Milliard, and Airex.

How to do the balance beams safely?
You may wonder how you start a balance beam or how you get good at beams after the purchase. Don’t worry. Here are a handful of suggestions for you.

  • Low beam
If you are a beginner of artistic gymnastics, it’s better to try a low beam first. Remember, some fundamental exercises include turning, twisting, and even a few back handsprings on a rectangular narrow balance beam. To effectively achieve them, you should:

1.Take a warm-up before getting on a balance beam. As a physical sport, gymnastics requires your muscles to work together. To reduce muscle pain or soreness, always remember to warm up for several minutes before starting.

2.Take off your shoes. Although not all gyms ask you to remove shoes before using the equipment, it is better to do that.

3.Balance yourself after standing on the balance beam. You can focus on one distant point to help you do balancing, like a wall. Extending your arms like plane wings can also help you balance better, especially when you first try walking the balance beam.

4.Make sure your muscles are kept tight while walking the beam. It may do some help to your stance or motions control.

5.Find the best way to place your feet, like putting one foot in front of the other.

6.Start Practicing turns if you can walk back and forth. When reaching the end, turn around by pivoting on your one foot.

7.Step down off the beam carefully on both feet. Improper landing may result in an ankle sprain. Besides, it would help if you also spent time practicing how to jump off the balance beam elegantly.

  • High beam
If you become very comfortable with the low beam and want to challenge yourself, then you can move to a high beam for advanced practice.

1.Take time to sit on the high beam. You can keep yourself in different positions, like kneeling and straddling. The ultimate goal is to make yourself feel comfortable with a high beam.

2.Apply what you’ve learned to the high beam. Basic rules are the same, no matter using a high beam or a low beam. A high beam is typically four feet tall. Don’t be afraid. Take some deep breaths and calm down. Try to make yourself comfortable with the high beam.

3.Keep practicing until you can stand on the high beam without falling. If you think you’re going to fall off, jumping down is the safest practice. It would help if you landed on both feet with knees slightly bent.

4.Practice advanced skills since you can stand up on the high beam. You can start from dismounting first and then learn more sophisticated moves you are interested in, like leaping, turning, jumping, etc. You can also find a partner to work together or watch videos to study more challenging moves.

Why should you buy balance beams from LumBuy?
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How wide is a balance beam?
Balance beam is an apparatus for artistic gymnastics. Balance beams are usually about four inches (10 centimeters) in width despite the different length and height options.

What is a balance beam made of?
At first, the surface of balance beams was made of plain polished wood or basketball-like materials. However, because these materials are extremely slippery and may hurt gymnasts, they were finally banned from use. From the 1980s, balance beams’ surfaces were made of suede or leather to reduce the slipperiness. As to the interior, it is often made of wood, padded foam, and so on.

How much is a balance beam?
The prices of balance beams vary from brand to brand. A high-quality balance beam is generally priced from $150 to $300.