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Are you looking for the best gesture rc car?
The gesture RC car is also called a hand-controlled RC car or RC stunt car. The gesture remote control car is based on the remote control car, adding the function of hand command. You can control the movement track of the gesture RC car with your hand.

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The gesture RC car has three control methods: remote control, gravity-sensing watch control and gesture control. Usually, it is equipped with 2.4GHz remote control technology, which can avoid signal interference from other RC stunt cars, and the average controllable distance is 200 feet.


What is a gesture control RC car?
Gesture recognition is a technology that uses sensors to read hand motion commands and execute them as actions. You can control the car either through the remote control stick or sensors.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like EACHINE, LBLA, GoolRC, JJRC, and Powerextra.

Where to buy gesture RC cars?
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Can you bind any transmitter to any receiver?
You can bind a transmitter to any receiver. However, there should be a way of changing the antenna when transmitting. There are antenna relays that will automatically change the antenna. The power of the transmitter will damage your receiver. And the transmitter and receiver have to be on the same frequency.

How does a 2.4 GHZ transmitter work?
Operate your vehicle remotely. A wireless data link is required between your hand control and the model. Now, digital radio systems use automatic frequency hopping or direct sequence techniques to spread their transmissions over a wider selection of frequencies in the 2.4Ghz spectrum. This system is stable, anti-jamming, and provides a long-distance controllable range.

How far can a 2.4GHZ transmitter work?

Transmission distance is a hard thing to define in the radio field because it is affected by many factors, such as transmitting power, receiving sensitivity, antenna form, communication speed, the geographical and architectural environment where the equipment is used, and the electromagnetic environment of the place of use. Most controllable distances are between 20 and 30 meters.

What do three channels RC mean?
Two channels are the rudder and motor. Three channels are motor, rudder and elevator.