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MOLLE means Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. It was created in the 1990s as an update to the ALICE or Universal Lightweight Personal Load-Carrying Equipment.

MOLLE webbing (also known as PALS) allows you to use straps to connect components. They create a strong connection between your MOLLE backpack or vest and your accessories by weaving the straps of each item together to secure them to the webbing. It ensures that your items are always within reach.

Best tactical backpacks have the MOLLE system built into them, whether military, ballistic bags or casual use. We get various brands covered, such as ARESLAND, KRYDEX, INDEPMAN, YAKEDA, KRYDEX PALS, and so on. Why not try?


What are molle accessories?
As an acronym, MOLLEf is referred to as Modular Lightweight Load Bearing Equipment. It is used to define the load-bearing equipment and rucksacks used by the current generation of NATO armed forces, notably the British Army and the U.S. Army. It is also referred to as molle gear, tactical molle accessories, or molle attachments. YETI molle accessories are very popular.

The system's modularity stems from the use of the Bag Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing device as a heavy-duty nylon row sewn onto the undershirt to allow the attachment of a variety of compatible bags and accessories. This attachment method has become the de facto standard for modular tactical equipment, replacing the Universal Lightweight Individual Equipment (ALICE) system used in the earliest modular undershirt systems (still used by many police forces).


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How to choose a plate carrier that suits you?
Factors to consider before purchasing a plate carrier:

Choosing the most suitable plate carrier is undoubtedly not a simple task. When selecting the correct plate carrier that can solve your problem, you must consider different sizes, insurance levels, and components. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal plate carrier that meets your requirements.

Various means of transportation can be paired with a plate carrier, one for over-dressing and one for under-dressing. Some plate carriers have more compartments and pockets. The different combinations of plans and highlights constitute a wide range of costs. The higher the risk level, the higher the price.

There are three crucial things to remember:

- The purpose of buying a tactical vest

- The size

- Resilience

What are the best brands?
  • The Best Brands
WYNEX MOLLE accessories


HAZARD 4 MOLLE accessories

Condor MOLLE accessories

Createy MOLLE accessories

Tacticool MOLLE accessories


PETAC GEAR MOLLE accessories


YETI MOLLE accessories

OneTigris MOLLE accessories

Depring MOLLE accessories

5.11 MOLLE accessories

Monoki MOLLE accessories

How to use plate carriers correctly?
The advice followed should also be kept in mind: Refer to Figure 2 Refer to Figure 3

Just like all the good things in life, whether it's jeans, tennis shoes, or other essential items, all good stuff fits, like gloves. Plate Carrier is no exception.

First of all, referring to Figure 2, you can roughly see where you should place your plate carrier. It is important to note that your intestines will stick out from under the plate for those of us who are shaking Dad Bod.

What's more, referring to Figure 3, you have three key areas of the human body: the immediate "light off" switch, Fatal T (head), center mass (heart/spine/lungs), and love triangle (pelvis). The purpose of a Plate Carrier is to protect your middle light switch. If you don't wear a plate carrier properly, You will expose your heart.

Why should you buy a plate carrier in LumBuy?
LumBuy is an e-commerce company that focuses on high-quality products. We have the strictest supplier selection criteria and will only select 5-star products with an excellent reputation, where you can shop with confidence and buy the best products.

Do plate carriers stop bullets?
The plate carrier is classified into a specific level of protection only when it is equipped with a bulletproof board.

The bulletproof board determines the level of security. The idea behind the plate rack is to allow you to choose the level of protection you need easily. You can use one board frame with bulletproof boards of different protection levels.

However, each plate rack is specifically designed to be used only with certain types of ballistic panels. When purchasing, you must check carefully to ensure that you get the correct carrier equipment for the right ballistic plate.

Are the 5.11 plate carriers easy to use?
5.11 tactical plate carrier is filled with soft stuff and well ventilated. Wearing a Tac Tec Plate Carrier is a 5.11 tactical plate carrier's highlight. 5.11 tactical plate carrier quickly becomes one of the most comfortable straps. What's more, the padding in the shoulder strap distributes the weight well.

What is the cost of a plate carrier?
There are many good options around $150, but the price for top medium and small operators is about $300.

How to attach molle accessories?
A MOLLE system allows you to attach these items to your gear:

- MOLLE Magazine

- MOLLE Grenade pouches

- MOLLE Canteen carriers

- MOLLE First-aid kits (individual first aid kits or IFAKs)

- MOLLE Sustainment pouches

- MOLLE D-rings for slings

- MOLLE Holsters

- MOLLE Gear pouches

Steps to attach your MOLLE gear:

1. Choose a location to mount your MOLLE gear.

2. Hold one end of the SlickStick and thread its stick through nylon webbing's bottom row.

3. Pass the stick or strap through the first row of nylon webbing on the back of the attachment, tightening it as you go.

4. Continue to thread the stick through the webbing and attachment on your gear until only the top buckle or button remains.

5. If your attachment includes many MOLLE straps or SlickSticks, do this process repeatedly for each stick until the entire MOLLE attachment is safe.

6. Once you have the MOLLE attachment secured in the position you want, secure the buckle or button to ensure your MOLLE gear stays in place.

What are must-have molle accessories?

MOLLE Tactical Belt

MOLLE Knife Sheath

MOLLE Tactical Vest

MOLLE Raptor Holster

Molle Backpack Accessory Straps

Pack Molle Pouches

Molle backpack attachments

Molle vest attachments